73.5 Million!

That's the total number of voters registered in Nigeria using OpenVR over a period of 21 days!

Completely Free & Opensource!

Fingerprint Image

Simple Interface with On-Screen Instructions

Highly Secure



OpenVR - short for Open Voter Registration - is a free and completely open-source biometrics capture solution built on open standards. The OpenVR software runs on Ubuntu - a Linux Operating System - and supports a variety of fingerprint scanners, external storage devices, printers and web-cameras. It also features an in-built Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to reject multiple registration attempts. It comes as a bundled solution that works right out of the box, without any configuration required on most hardware.

OpenVR is a Linux-based solution originally designed and developed for the Independent National Electoral Commission (Nigeria) as an Open Source project. Developed for Africa by Nigerians, OpenVR design criteria include ease of use, an intuitive user interface and robustness in the field.

OpenVR was developed by a team of volunteers with technical advisory from IFES (International Foundation for Electoral Systems), and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).